Sensor Networks (loT)

SineFilum offers turnkey solutions for deploying a network of connected objects for different applications:

  • Environment
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Energy management
  • Transport
  • Mines
  • Smart cities
  • Agriculture

Our services cover all phases of IoT system’s development life cycle:

  • Feasibility: Working closely with our clients enables us to efficiently decide on the architecture and the technologies to use at the beginning of the project’s life cycle (depending on the case).
  • Specification: We identify the project requirements and operational behavior required to meet the technical objectives of the system.
  • Architecture:: We develop the distributed system architecture to meet your overall project needs.
  • Design and Implementation: We design and implement the distributed system to meet your needs, in accordance with the system’s architecture.
  • Integration: We integrate and test applications and developed subsystems according to the system requirements.
  • Deployment: We deploy the integrated system and validate that it meets the functional and behavioral requirements of particular users.
  • Maintenance and Upgrade: We maintain and upgrade the deployed system throughout its use.