Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

Our mission is to make Technology the best ally for our clients’ projects, to fully express their potential, by providing our expertise, our innovative skills, our ambition and our creativity.

We are committed to developing sustainable, turnkey, state-of-the-art technology solutions for innovative wireless communications, and ensuring a better and safer life for people and businesses around the world.

Our vision

Our entrepreneurship spirit is reflected through innovation. We aim to be a leading company in the design, development and deployment of wireless communications technologies in the telecommunications industry.

Our values

Innovation: is one of our founding values. Achieving our goals by sharing expertise and resources while taking into account the opinions and requirements of all stakeholders is an endless value steeped in the culture of SineFilum. In our constant search for excellence, we combine our creativity skills with our pre-defined performance targets and keep an open mindset to new ideas. We wouldn’t hesitate to take calculated risks to develop specific solutions in order to offer the best solutions/results to our client.

Integrity and discipline:  We act in full compliance and treat honestly, ethically and reliably with our partners, clients and suppliers to design and deliver sustainable, efficient and innovative technological solutions and to maintain a relationship of trust with all of our employees.

 Responsibility: Being entrepreneurial and proactive, we have the duty to carry out our work rigorously and deliver top-quality products and services on time. We continually strive to improve our processes in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients.


“Since its creation, SineFilum’s philosophy is reflected in these values which reveals the soul of its vision to evolve. These values are applied on a daily basis by all members of our team,” stated Mr. Bounaffaa, President of SineFilum.