Military Communication Systems

Networks for defense applications require a combination of security, robustness, functionality, and flexibility, allowing for uncompromising and customized solutions tailored to distinct fighting forces communication requirements.

With respect to National and International client requirements, SineFilum offers customized high capacity seamless, secure, fast and cost-effective military communication solutions.

Land Communications

SineFilum proposes Robust tactical C4ISR and EW systems that empower headquarters, air defense networks and any type of field command. These latest technological systems enable warfighters access to mission critical information when and where they need it. Our systems include:

Maritime communications

SineFilum provides radio systems enabling the integration of higher capacity, longer range reliable communications. Moreover, our radio systems include enhanced command and control capabilities (i.e. C3) into a seamless system to support effectively maritime operations and a much wider range of operational missions.

High-capacity PTP, PMP and Mesh waveforms support multiple LOS & NLOS missions :

Satellite Communication

SineFilum provides satellite communications solutions, and are committed to delivering high-quality voice and data services anywhere in the world, regardless of location or terrain. These solutions include: