Cellular wireless networks, PTP, PMP and Mesh

Deployment of a wireless network infrastructure begins with an RF coverage study. The configuration and locations of the radio sites will ensure optimal RF coverage.

SineFilum offers wireless coverage studies for cellular, point-to-point, multi-point and VHF / UHF networks.

  • Cellular and VHF / UHF covers analysis: our engineers use ATDI’s Planet d’Infovista and ICS telecom software; two reliable software used for planning and optimizing wireless networks recognized by most Mobile operators and RF equipment suppliers.
  • Point-to-point and multi-point links studies: the software used is Infovista’s Ellipse, also used by telecom professionals.

As a result, a detailed report of the study is provided and presents the methodology, the exact location points of the radio sites with their precise configurations to ensure optimum coverage. During the study, SineFilum communicates regularly with the client to ensure the feasibility of the proposed solution and that the design meets the client’s deployment budget and coverage objectives before delivering the final report.